Jasper, Al.
Blooming Grove Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 24, 2020
A Place Where Hope is Found

Mission Statement


Our Mission at Blooming Grove is to help you connect with your Creator, in an intimate and meaningful Relationship through His son Jesus Christ. To assist you in finding the true Purpose of your life. And to Grow with you in your journey.


You might ask, "what does that mean?" 

Around here, we believe that God created us for relationships.  Around here, we believe in God and we know that God believes in you.  Around here, we are more interested in your relationship with God through his son Jesus that we are anything else.  Around here we believe that Jesus really lived, that Jesus really died on a cross, and that Jesus really was raised from the dead so that a relationship with God is possible.  Around here, we believe that God pursues you with a holy love and so do we.  Around here, we want to be with you in the times of joy and happiness and in the times of pain and sorrow.  Around here, we are not perfect and we aren’t looking for perfect people.  Around here, we are all broken people that God is putting back together.   Around here, we are a family, loving each other as best as we can, helping each other as much as we can, and living for Christ everyday that we can.  And we invite you to join us around here.